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Smog Checks. 


       Test Only stations are not allowed to do any repairs. The purpose of Test-Only stations is to ensure motorists get an unbiased smog check inspection, because some shops might try to sell you some repairs your vehicle does not need.

        Not all Test Only/STAR stations provide you with unbiased honest inspections. STAR smog & Repair shop have an incentive to fail your vehicle, so they can sell you repairs. These are the shops that usually advertise smog checks for a low price, like $20 or $29.95 + Cert Fee, etc.  Be very careful when using these businesses.

      Some shops will offer Pass or FREE Retest only if they do the repairs. If you think your car is going to fail and you're going to get a FREE smog check, think or look again. Look at the fine print. It will usually say that your inspection is FREE if THEY do the repairs.

You will be paying one way or another, it's just a matter of how much.

      Save your self the headache and come to California Smog Center for your smog inspection and rest assured that you will not be failed on purpose and you will get professional, friendly and honest smog checks faster than any other shop you have been to.

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